In 1873 Korva block of land was purchased by the Friedrich Georg Magnus  von Berg.

The Count Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg was born 16. February 1845.   He studied in Tartu gymnasium but aquired  his higher education in Sorbonne university in France. Young Count of Sangaste was loved and respected by Estonian farmers.
His work involved improving hayfields and  testing imported plant and fruit speices.

In 1875, Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg, Lord of Sangaste Manor, bred a new variety of winter rye – ” Sangaste rye”.  It is the world’s oldest variety of rye grown and cultivated to this day.  Sangaste Rye is frost resistant with long stalks and very good productivity.

1889 “Sangaste rye”  won the Grand award at the World Exposition in Paris.
1893  It won 1st Prize at the world’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
The Count Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg is called the Rye Duke to this day.

According to the project from 1889 the whole plot of Korva  was drained and trenched. Since then it has been in constant agricultural usage.

1970-1986 Korva fields vere used for grass powder production.

The polder of Korva was built in 1970  following the project that was developed 1966.   7.6 km of protective dams and 7.2 km of roads were built there. The whole area was drained  by clay tube drainage lines.

Year 2012- 2013,  contemporary  meiloration works  were carried out in Korva property.