Unique agricultural land for sale – 484 hectars

Korva water meadow is situated on a fertile river flat. The first drainage canals were built at the beginning of the 1860.
In 1873 land was purchased by the Friedrich von Berg , the Count of Sangaste and the developer of Estonian widely-spread rye. According to the project from 1889 the whole plot was drained and trenched. Since then the plot has been in constant agricultural usage.
Soil in Korva has always been very fertile. There are no stones on the fields.   1970- 1986 Korva fields were used for grass powder production.
The polder of Korva was built in 1970  following the project that was developed 1966.   7.6 km of protective dams and 7.2 km of roads were built there. The whole area was drained  by clay tube drainage lines. Distance of drainage system  was 14-30 metres and depth of 1.0 – 1.1 m.  
The river in the neighbourhood has water flow capacity at least 1.8 m3 per second.  According to the summer-fall measurments of the years 1922- 1970, it gives enough water for irrigation systems if it would be needed.

Year 2012- 2013,   melioration works  were carried out in Korva property.


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